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Berg, Robert D. (1984) Straw Residue to Control Furrow Erosion on Sloping, Irrigated Cropland. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 39(1):58-60.

Bjerregaard, R.D. and West, N.E. and Caldwell, M.M. and Mayland, H.F. (1984) Standing crops and dynamics of phytomass and minerals in two salt desert shrub communities. Great Basin Naturalist. 44:327-337.

Carter, J.N. (1984) Effect of Fall and Spring Applied Nitrogen Fertilizer on Growth and Yield of Sugarbeets. Journal of the American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists. 22(3&4):252-267.

Holder, C.B. and Cary, J.W. (1984) Soil Oxygen and Moisture in Relation to Russet Burbank Potato Yield and Quality. American Potato Journal. 61:67-76.

Humpherys, Allan S. (1984) New Innovations in Trash Screens Increase Canal Efficiency. Irrigation Age. 18(6):p. 13,42.

Kemper, W.D. and Humpherys, A.S. and Bondurant, J.A. (1984) Surface Films Affecting Velocity Profiles of Slowly Moving Water in Open Channels. Irrigation Science. 5:235-250.

Kemper, W.D. and Rosenau, R.C. (1984) Soil Cohesion as Affected by Time and Water Content. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 48(5):1001-1006.

Kincaid, Dennis C. (1984) Cablegation V: Dimensionless Design Relationships. Transaction of the ASAE. 27(3):769-772.

Kincaid, Dennis C. and Kemper, W.D. (1984) Cablegation IV: The Bypass Method and Cutoff Outlets to Improve Water Distribution. Transaction of the ASAE. 27(3):762-768.

Massee, T.W. and Romanko, R.R. and Osgood, C.E. (1984) Evaluation of bravo for disease control in alfalfa cultivars grown for hay, 1983. Fungicide and Nematicide Tests. 39:102.

Massee, T.W. and Romanko, R.R. and Osgood, C.E. (1984) Evaluation of bravo for disease control in seed alfalfa, 1982. Fungicide and Nematicide Tests. 39:102.

Massee, Truman and Luellen, William and Waggoner, Harold and Mumm, Mike (1984) The "Poor Man's Marker" - Improving the accuracy of small rigs. Crops and Soils Magazine. 37(2):12-17.

Robbins, Charles W. (1984) Sodium Adsorption Ratio-Exchangeable Sodium Percentage Relationships in a High Potassium Saline-Sodic Soil. Irrigation Science. 5:173-179.

Smith, J.H. and Hayden, C.W. (1984) Nitrogen Availability from Potato-Processing Wastewater for Growing Corn. Journal of Environment Quality. 13(1):151-156.

Tracy, P.W. and Robbins, C.W. and Lewis, G.D. (1984) Fluorite Precipitation in a Calcareous Soil Irrigated with High Fluoride Water. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 48(5):1013-1016.

Technical Bulletin

Grunes, D.L. and Mayland, H.F. (1984) Controlling Grass Tetany. USDA-ARS and Extension Service Leaflet No. 561. 6 pp.

Conference or Workshop Item

Carter, D.L. (1984) Furrow Irrigation Erosion Effects on Crop Production. pp. 39-47. In: Proceedings of the Natl. Symp. on Erosion and Soil Productivity. Erosion and Soil Productivity. USA-LA-New Orleans, 1984/12/10-11.

Fisher, H.D. and Humpherys, A.S. (1984) Electronic Single Station Irrigation Timer/Controller. pp. 182-190. In: Proc. Natl. Conf. on Agricultural Electronics Applications. USA-IL-Chicago, 1983/12/11-13. ASAE Agricultural Electronics - 1983 and Beyond, Vol. 1: Field Equipment, Irrigation & Drainage. ASAE Publication No. 8-84. ASAE, St. Joseph, MI.

Trout, Thomas J. and Kemper, W.D. and Reuss, J.O. and Ashraf, M.M. (1984) Watercourse Improvement in Pakistan. pp. 235-253. In: ICID 12th Congress Proc. USA-CO-Fort Collins, 1984/06.

Westermann, D.T. (1984) Mid-Season P Fertilization Effects on Potatoes. In: Proc. 35th Annual Northwest Fertilizer Conference. USA-WA-Pasco, 1984/07/18-19.

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