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Cablegation V: Dimensionless Design Relationships

Kincaid, Dennis C. (1984) Cablegation V: Dimensionless Design Relationships. Transaction of the ASAE. 27(3):769-772.

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A simplified design method using dimensionless
relationships was developed for the cablegation
automated surface irrigation system. The method
consists of two parts: the pipe flow distribution and the
infiltration-runoff distribution. The maximum outlet
head, maximum stream size and number of flowing
outlets are calculated using a set of dimensionless
equations, given the pipe size, pipe slope, outlet size and
spacing and total inflow rate. These equations enable a
direct determination of the design variables without
calculating the entire distribution of outlet flows. If the
desired maximum stream size is known, the required
outlet size can be calculated directly without trial and

The infiltration-runoff analysis is presented as a series
of dimensionless relationships in graphical form. These
curves are used mainly for determining the required
maximum stream size given a time-based furrow intake
curve, furrow length and spacing, gross water
application and percent runoff. Curves are also
presented for the case of constant stream size for
comparison with cablegation and for use in designing
constant-inflow irrigation systems.

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