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Fluorite Precipitation in a Calcareous Soil Irrigated with High Fluoride Water

Tracy, P.W. and Robbins, C.W. and Lewis, G.D. (1984) Fluorite Precipitation in a Calcareous Soil Irrigated with High Fluoride Water. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 48(5):1013-1016.

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Lysimeters filled with Freedom silt loam soil (fine-silty, mixed,
mesic, Xerollic Calciorthids) were irrigated with geothermal well
water from south central Idaho. The water contained 7 mg F/L.
Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) was grown in the lysimeters and the
water was applied at a rate to give either a 0.30 or 0.15 leaching
fraction. After irrigating the 1.0 m deep soil samples for 600 d, over
98% of the added F remained in the soil. Soil extract and lysimeter
leachate analysis showed that fluorite precipitation was occurring in
the upper profile, but only after another fluoride adsorption mechanism
was saturated and the fluoride and calcium ion activities exceeded
the CaF₂ ion activity product. The F concentration in the
upper profile extracts exceeded 20 mg F/L and with the additional
high F water irrigation, the soluble F would be expected to leach
deeper in the soil. Under field conditions the F would be expected
to eventually move into the groundwater with continued irrigation
with high F water.

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