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Evaluation of bravo for disease control in seed alfalfa, 1982

Massee, T.W. and Romanko, R.R. and Osgood, C.E. (1984) Evaluation of bravo for disease control in seed alfalfa, 1982. Fungicide and Nematicide Tests. 39:102.

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EVALUATION OF BRAVO FOR DISEASE CONTROL IN SEED ALFALFA, 1982: A field with a 3-yr-old stand under irrigation on Portneuf very fine
loam was used for this test. It was typical of seed fields in this area in that lower leaves were lost from shading and disease during the growing season.
Different Bravo rates were applied to field length strips with a tractor mounted sprayed (boom width = 28.5 ft, PTO pump, T-jet 6503 nozzles, 28 psi).
Three consecutive applications were made at, "full bloom" on Jun 27, and then Aug 4, and finally on Aug 27. The treatments were randomized and replicated
4 times. Seed pollinization was enhanced with adequate alfalfa leafcutting bees (Megachile rotundata), taken to the field on Jul 6. Field observations
and a preharvest plant sampling were made to compare leaf loss. Also, the bee activity and flower set were observed on treatments. The seed crop
was harvested by cutting a 15-ft swath from the middle of the strip with a self propelled combine.

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