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Davis, J.R. and Huisman, O.C. and Westermann, D.T. and Everson, D.O. and Schneider, A. and Sorensen, L.H. (2004) Some unique benefits with Sudangrass for improved U.S. #1 yields and size of Russet Burbank potato. American Journal of Potato Research. 81:403-413.

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Turner, Benjamin L. and Leytem, April B. (2004) Phosphorus compounds in sequential extracts of animal manures: Chemical speciation and a novel fractionation procedure. Environmental Science & Technology. 38:6101-6108.

Book Section

Kincaid, D.C. and Buchleiter, G.W. (2004) Irrigation, site-specific. In: Howell, T.A., (ed.) Encyclopedia of Water Science. pp. 1-4. Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York.

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Conference or Workshop Item

Bjorneberg, David L. and Aase, J. Kris. (2004) Conservation tillage effects on sediment and phosphorus losses from a furrow irrigated field. pp. 1-10. In: Proceedings of ASAE/CSAE Annual International Meeting. Canada-Ontario-Ottawa, 2004/08/01-04.

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Hobson, Jared and Ellsworth, Jason and Leytem, April and Pool, Ann (2004) Using soil texture to guide variable-rate nitrogen fertilization. pp. 35-41. In: Ellsworth, J.W. (ed.) Proc. Idaho Nutrient Management Conference. USA-ID-Twin Falls, 2004/03/11.

Price, Graham H. and Smethurst, P.J. and Sparrow, L.A. and Sojka, R.E. (2004) Soil quality: to regulate or to manage? pp. 938-942. In: Proc. International Soil Tillage Research Organisation 16th Triennial Conf. Soil Management for Sustainability. Australia-Brisbane, 2003/07/13-18.

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