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Bondurant, James A. (1971) Quality of Surface Irrigation Runoff Water. Transaction of the ASAE. 14(6):1001-1003.

Carter, D.L. and Bondurant, J.A. and Robbins, C.W. (1971) Water Soluble NO3-Nitrogen, PO4-Phosphorus, and Total Salt Balanced on a Large Irrigation Tract. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings. 35(2):331-335.

Carter, J.N. and Jensen, M.E. and Bosma, S.M. (1971) Interpreting the Rate of Change in Nitrate-Nitrogen in Sugarbeet Petioles. Agronomy Journal. 63(5):669-674.

Cary, J.W. (1971) Calibration of Soil Heat and Water Flux Meters. Soil Science. 111(6):399-400.

Cary, J.W. and Fisher, H.D. (1971) Plant Water Potential Gradients Measured in the Field by Freezing Point. Physiologia Plantarum (Sweden). 24(3):397-402.

Cary, J.W. and Wright, J.L. (1971) Response of Plant Water Potential to the Irrigated Environment of Southern Idaho. Agronomy Journal. 63(5):691-695.

Cary, John W. (1971) Energy Levels of Water in a Community of Plants as Influenced by Soil Moisture. Ecology. 52(4):710-715.

Heinemann, William H. (1971) A Green Plant Sample Slicer. Agricultural Engineering. 52(3):136-137.

Humpherys, A.S. (1971) Automatic Furrow Irrigation Systems. Transaction of the ASAE. 14(3):466-470.

Humpherys, A.S. (1971) Ditch Irrigation Can Be Automated. Idaho Farmer-Stockman. 89(6):18,20-21.

Jensen, M.E. and Wright, J.L. and Pratt, B.J. (1971) Estimating Soil Moisture Depletion from Climate, Crop and Soil Data. Transaction of the ASAE. 14(5):954-959.

Luebs, R.E. and Lagg, A.E. and Brown, M.J. (1971) Effect of Site Class and Rainfall on Annual Range Response to Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Journal of Range Management. 24(5):366-370.

Mayland, H.F. and Dean, Leslie L. (1971) Chlorophyll Content of Persistent-Green and Normal Snap Bean Pods (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science. 96(3):362-365.

Rickman, Ron W. (1971) Sonic Radiation for Soil Mechanical Property Measurement. Transaction of the ASAE. 14(6):1126-1128.

Ruffing, B.J. and Heinemann, W.H. (1971) Sugar Beet Plot Harvester. Transaction of the ASAE. 14(1):12-13.

Smith, J.H. (1971) BOOK REVIEW: Isotopes and Radiation in Soil Organic-Matter Studies, Int. Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, 1968, 584 pp. Soil Science. 111(6):401-402.

Smith, J.H. and Douglas, C.L. (1971) Wheat Straw Decomposition in the Field. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings. 35(2):269-272.

Westermann, D.T. and Jackson, T.L. and Moore, D.P. (1971) Effect of Potassium Salts on Extractable Soil Manganese. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings. 35(1):43-46.

Worstell, R.V. (1971) Snake River Auto-Start Siphon Tube. Agricultural Engineering. 52(10):550-551.

Wright, James L. (1971) Way Sought to Measure Irrigation Water Needs. Crops and Soils Magazine. 23(9):20-211.

Technical Bulletin

Wiebe, H.H. and Campbell, G.S. and Gardner, W.H. and Rawlins, S.L. and Cary, J.W. and Brown, R.W., eds. (1971) Measurement of Plant and Soil Water Status. Utah Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin No. 484. 71 pp.

Cary, J.W. (1971) Double Cropping Dry Peas and Forage in Southern Idaho. University of Idaho Current Information Series No. 167. University of Idaho College of Agriculture. 2 pp.

Cary, J.W. (1971) Freezing Point Method. In: Measurement of Plant and Soil Water Status. Utah Agricultural Expermient Station Bulletin No. 484. pp. 49-56.

Humpherys, A.S. and Robinson, A.R. (1971) Field Evaluation of Drop-Check Structures for Farm Irrigation Systems. USDA-ARS No. 41-180. 42 pp.

Book Section

Jensen, Marvin E. (1971) Plant, Water Relations of. In: McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science & Technology - 1971. pp. 328-329.

Jensen, Marvin E. and Erie, Leonard J. (1971) Irrigation and Water Management. In: Johnson, R.T. and Alexander, J.T. and Rush, G.E. and Hawkes, G.R., (eds.) Advances in Sugar Beet Production, Principles and Practices. pp. 189-222. Iowa State University Press, Ames.

Conference or Workshop Item

Carter, J.N. and Pair, C.H. and Bosma, S.M. (1971) Effect of Irrigation Method and Leaching of Nitrate-Nitrogen on Sucrose Production by Sugarbeets. pp. 13-20. In: Proc. 22nd Ann. Pac. NW Fert. Conf. USA-MT-Bozeman, 1971/07/13-15.

Jensen, M.E. (1971) Irrigation Scheduling for Farm Crops. pp. 1-6. In: Proc. Sprinkler Irrig. Assn. Tech. Conf. USA-CO-Denver, 1971/02/22-24.

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