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Interpreting the Rate of Change in Nitrate-Nitrogen in Sugarbeet Petioles

Carter, J.N. and Jensen, M.E. and Bosma, S.M. (1971) Interpreting the Rate of Change in Nitrate-Nitrogen in Sugarbeet Petioles. Agronomy Journal. 63(5):669-674.

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Nitrate-nitrogen in sugarbeet petioles is used to evaluate
current N status of sugarbeet crops. Since the NO₃-N
changes rapidly during the season, better relationships
are needed to interpret these data relative to sugarbeet N
Sugarbeets (Beta vulgaris, L.) were grown at four N
fertilization rates and two irrigation levels to determine
the root yield, sucrose percentage, sucrose yield, and N
uptake in relation to the NO₃-N concentration in the
petioles. NO₃-N in beet petioles increased to a peak concentration
and then decreased exponentially during the
two growing seasons on all treatments. The exponential
decrease after the peak enables prediction of the NO₃-N
in the petioles during the remainder of the growing season.
This rate of change approach can be used to predict
N needs when adding supplemental N for sugarbeets
and to characterize the N status of soil-crop systems.

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