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Sonic Radiation for Soil Mechanical Property Measurement

Rickman, Ron W. (1971) Sonic Radiation for Soil Mechanical Property Measurement. Transaction of the ASAE. 14(6):1126-1128.

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PLASTIC theory, which predicts a
constant ratio between stress and
strain, is used as a guideline for the
engineering use and testing of soils. The
mechanical analog for an elastic medium
is simply a spring or the electric circuit
equivalent is a capacitor. Soil can be
considered as an elastic medium only
under conditions of very small strain or
high compaction. A technique used to
describe slightly more complex materials
is to join a spring and a dashpot or,
electrically, a capacitor and a resistor to
form a viscoelastic model, one with
both viscous and elastic components.
One advantage of the viscoelastic model
over an elastic one is that the viscous
term is included to account for energy
loss that occurs within the material as it
is deformed.

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