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Kohl, R.A. and Wright, J.L. (1974) Air Temperature and Vapor Pressure Changes Caused by Sprinkler Irrigation. Agronomy Journal. 66(1):85-87.

Kohl, R.A. and Pair, C.H. and Massee, T.W. (1969) Better Sprinkler on Small Research Plots. Agricultural Engineering. 50(2):87.

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Technical Bulletin

Cary, J.W. and Kohl, R.A. and Westermann, D.T. and Rickman, R.W. (1975) Row Cropping Sandy Soils Under Sprinklers Using a Winter Grain Cover to Control Wind Erosion. Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin No. 549. University of Idaho College of Agriculture. 14 pp.

Kohl, R.A. and Pair, C.H. and Larsen, D.C. (1974) Tow Line Sprinkler Systems. University of Idaho Current Information Series No. 222. University of Idaho College of Agriculture. 6 pp.

Book Section

Kohl, R.A. (1975) Chapter 21: Metric Conversion. In: Pair, Claude H., (ed.) Sprinkler Irrigation (4th Edition). pp. 521-528. Sprinkler Irrigation Assn., Silver Spring, Md.

Carter, D.L. and Kohl, R.A. and Jensen, M.E. (1975) Irrigation of Crops: Drainage Water Quality. In: Lapedes, Daniel N., (ed.) McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science & Technology - 1975. pp. 251-253. McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York.

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