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Drop Size Distributions from Medium-Sized Agricultural Sprinklers

Kohl, R.A. (1974) Drop Size Distributions from Medium-Sized Agricultural Sprinklers. Transaction of the ASAE. 17(4):690-693.

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THE drop size distribution of sprinkler
spray is of practical importance
for two reasons. First, the small droplets
are subject to wind drift, distorting the
application pattern. Second, large droplets
possess greater kinetic energy which
is transferred to the soil surface causing
particle dislodgement and puddling that
may result in surface crusting and runoff.

The drop size distributions from
medium-size agricultural sprinklers were
measured to study the effects of pressure
and nozzle size on the distributions.
These are two parameters that
farmers can change on existing systems
to cope with field problems caused by
low intake rates and runoff.

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