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Air Temperature and Vapor Pressure Changes Caused by Sprinkler Irrigation

Kohl, R.A. and Wright, J.L. (1974) Air Temperature and Vapor Pressure Changes Caused by Sprinkler Irrigation. Agronomy Journal. 66(1):85-87.

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The downwind effect of evaporation from sprinkler
spray was studied in the field to determine if air temperature
and vapor pressure were changed enough to
influence plant growth and water use. Wet-bulb and
dry-bulb temperature profiles were measured upwind
and at three distances downwind from a sprinkler lateral
before and during sprinkling. Wind-speed and direction
were also measured. Air temperature generally was reduced
less than 1 C, and vapor pressure in the air was
increased less than 0.8 mb. This amount of change in
the air temperature and humidity is not likely to be sufficient
to cause any significant change in plant growth or
evaporative loss of water.

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