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People : Cary, John W.

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Cary, John W. (1973) BOOK REVIEW: Daniel Hillel (Ed.), "Optimizing the Soil Physical Environment Toward Greater Crop Yields". Soil Science. 116(1):64.

Cary, John W. (1981) Calculation of CO2 gas phase diffusion in leaves and its relation to stomatal resistance. Photosynthesis Research. 2:185-194.

Cary, John W. (1986) Effects of Relative Humidity, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide on Initiation and Early Development of Stolons and Tubers. American Potato Journal. 63:619-628.

Cary, John W. (1971) Energy Levels of Water in a Community of Plants as Influenced by Soil Moisture. Ecology. 52(4):710-715.

Cary, John W. (1974) An Energy-Conserving System for Orchard Cold Protection. Agricultural Meteorology. 13:339-348.

Cary, John W. (1973) Soil Water Flowmeters with Thermocouple Outputs. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings. 37(2):176-181.

Technical Bulletin

Cary, John W. and Evans, Daniel D., eds. (1974) Soil Crusts. University of Arizona Technical Bulletin No. 214. 58 pp.

Book Section

Cary, John W. and Taylor, S.A. (1967) The Dynamics of Soil Water. Part II. Temperature and Solute Effects. In: Hagan, R.M. and Haise, H.R. and Edminster, T.W., (eds.) Irrigation of Agricultural Lands. Agronomy, No. 11. pp. 245-253.

Cary, John W. (1979) Soil Pore Size Distribution. In: Farrbridge, Rhodes W. and Finkl Jr, Charles W., (eds.) Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences. pp. 396-399.


Cary, John W. and Heinemann, William H. (1977) Magnetic Seed Delivery Autodibble Planter. Patent No. 4,061,094.

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