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An Energy-Conserving System for Orchard Cold Protection

Cary, John W. (1974) An Energy-Conserving System for Orchard Cold Protection. Agricultural Meteorology. 13:339-348.

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The possibility of protecting an orchard against cold by enclosing it under a screen
cover was studied in a preliminary field test. At the onset of freezing temperatures, water
was sprinkled on the screen, forming a continuous sheet of thin ice. The screen and ice
cover effectively reduced heat loss from the experimental enclosure. Simulated twig temperatures
were 2-10°C warmer inside the enclosure during a variety of weather conditions,
with outside air temperatures as low as —20°C. When outside air temperatures were
—5°C, the inside simulated twig temperature could be held above the critical level for
even tender blossoms by briefly sprinkling water under the screen at 10- to 15-min intervals.
Although a screen cover and sprinkler system would be expensive to install, it could provide
excellent cold protection and would be less expensive to operate than conventional
orchard heaters and wind machines. Cooler daytime temperatures under the screen suggest
the additional possibilities of dormancy control and reduced evapotranspiration.

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