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People : Cary, John W.

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Cary, John W. (1986) Effects of Relative Humidity, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide on Initiation and Early Development of Stolons and Tubers. American Potato Journal. 63:619-628.


Cary, John W. (1981) Calculation of CO2 gas phase diffusion in leaves and its relation to stomatal resistance. Photosynthesis Research. 2:185-194.


Cary, John W. (1979) Soil Pore Size Distribution. In: Farrbridge, Rhodes W. and Finkl Jr, Charles W., (eds.) Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences. pp. 396-399.


Cary, John W. and Heinemann, William H. (1977) Magnetic Seed Delivery Autodibble Planter. Patent No. 4,061,094.


Cary, John W. (1974) An Energy-Conserving System for Orchard Cold Protection. Agricultural Meteorology. 13:339-348.

Cary, John W. and Evans, Daniel D., eds. (1974) Soil Crusts. University of Arizona Technical Bulletin No. 214. 58 pp.


Cary, John W. (1973) BOOK REVIEW: Daniel Hillel (Ed.), "Optimizing the Soil Physical Environment Toward Greater Crop Yields". Soil Science. 116(1):64.

Cary, John W. (1973) Soil Water Flowmeters with Thermocouple Outputs. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings. 37(2):176-181.


Cary, John W. (1971) Energy Levels of Water in a Community of Plants as Influenced by Soil Moisture. Ecology. 52(4):710-715.


Cary, John W. and Taylor, S.A. (1967) The Dynamics of Soil Water. Part II. Temperature and Solute Effects. In: Hagan, R.M. and Haise, H.R. and Edminster, T.W., (eds.) Irrigation of Agricultural Lands. Agronomy, No. 11. pp. 245-253.

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