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Brown, M.J. and Kemper, W.D. (1987) Using straw in steep furrows to reduce soil erosion and increase dry bean yields. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 42(3):187-191.

Busscher, W.J. and Sojka, R.E. (1987) Enhancement of subsoiling effect on soil strength by conservation tillage. Transaction of the ASAE. 30(4):888-892.

Carter, J.N. (1987) Sucrose production as affected by root yield and sucrose concentration of sugarbeets. Journal of the American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists. 24(1):14-31.

Cary, J.W. (1987) A new method for calculating frost heave including solute effects. Water Resources Research. 23(8):1620-1624.

Clark, D.H. and Mayland, H.F. and Lamb, R.C. (1987) Mineral analysis of forages with near infrared reflectance spectrosopy. Agronomy Journal. 79(3):485-490.

Humpherys, Allan S. (1987) Energy Dissipation in Low Pressure Irrigation Pipelines: II Orifices. Transactions of the ASAE. 30(1):176-182.

Kemper, W.D. and Rosenau, R.C. and Dexter, A.R. (1987) Cohesion development in disrupted soils as affected by clay and organic matter content and temperature. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 51(4):860-867.

Kemper, W.D. and Trout, T.J. and Segeren, Antone and Bullock, Murray (1987) Worms and water. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 42(6):401-404.

Kleinkopf, G.E. and Westermann, D.T. and Willie, M.J. and Kleinschmidt, G.D. (1987) Specific gravity of Russet Burbank potatoes. American Potato Journal. 64:579-588.

Krieger, Robert I. and Marcy, Dale and Smith, Jay H. and Tomson, Kathleen (1987) Levels of Nine Potentially Toxic Elements in Idaho Fish Manures. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. 38:63-66.

Lehrsch, G.A. and Whisler, F.D. and Römkens, M. J. M. (1987) Soil surface roughness as influenced by selected soil physical properties. Soil & Tillage Research. 10:197-212.

Robbins, C.W. (1987) Reclamation and Reuse of Irrigation Sediments. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 42(1):24-26.

Russell, J.B. and Mayland, H.F. (1987) Absorption of tricarballylic acid from the rumen of sheep and cattle fed forages containing trans-aconitic acid. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. 40:205-212.

Smith, J.H. and Jackson, T.L. (1987) Decomposition of wheat and barley straw treated with urea-sulfuric acid. Biology & Fertility of Soils. 4:199-203.

Technical Bulletin

Busch, J.R. and Kincaid, D.C. (1987) Reservoir tillage for controlling runoff and saving energy. Irrigation Energy Efficiency Bulletin for Bonneville Power Administration No. DOE/BP-21295-9. 2 pp.

Kincaid, D.C. and Busch, J.R. (1987) A comparison of low pressure center pivot irrigation systems. Irrigation Energy Efficiency Bulletin for Bonneville Power Administration No. DOE/BP-21925-10. 2 pp.

Ramig, R.E. and Saxton, K.E. and Massee, T.W. and Campbell, G.S. and Thill, D.C. (1987) Water conservation under reduced tillage systems. In: STEEP--Conservation Concepts and Accomplishments. Washington State University Publication, Pullman, WA. pp. 125-136.

Smith, Jay H. (1987) Principles and practices of irrigating agricultural land with food processing waste effluent: a review. Environmental Sanitation Reviews No. 22. Environmental Sanitation Information Center, Bangkok 10501, Thailand. 63 pp.

Walker, D.J. and Young, D.L. and Fosbert, M.A. and Busacca, A.J. and Saxton, K.E. and Carter, D.L. and Frazier, B.E. (1987) Long term productivity benefits of soil conservation. In: STEEP--Conservation Concepts and Accomplishments. Washington State University Publication, Pullman, WA. pp. 9-39.

Book Section

Carter, D.L. and Miller, D.E. (1987) Furrow irrigation erosion and its control. In: STEEP - Conservation Concepts and Accomplishments. pp. 585-591. Washington State Univ., Pullman, Washington.

Carter, David L. (1987) Water relations and irrigation. In: Wheat and Wheat Improvement (Chapter 6). Agronomy Monograph (2nd edition), No. 13. pp. 390-395. ASA, 677 South Segoe Road, Madison, WI 53711.

Kemper, W.D. and Trout, T.J. and Kincaid, D.C. (1987) Cablegation: Automate supply for surface irrigation. In: Hillel, Daniel, (ed.) Advances in Irrigation. pp. 1-66.

Conference or Workshop Item

Humpherys, A.S. and Trout, T.J. (1987) Automation of border and basin irrigation. pp. 293-300. In: James, L.G. and English, M.J. (eds.) Proc. of Irrig. and Drainage Div. and Oregon Section - ASCE Conf. Irrigation Systems for the 21st Century. USA-OR-Portland, 1987/07/28-30.

Mayland, H.F. and Kramer, T.R. and Johnson, W.T. (1987) Trace elements in the nutrition and immunological response of grazing livestock. In: Proc. Grazing Livestock Nutrition Conf. USA-WY-Jackson, 1987/07/23-24.

Sojka, R.E. and Sadler, E.J. and Camp, C.R. and Arnold, F.B. (1987) Comparison of Campbell-leaf press with standard plant water stress measurements for four species. pp. 39-45. In: Proc. of Int. Conf. on Meas. of Soil & Plant Water Status, Vol. 2. 1987.

Trout, Thomas J. and Kemper, W.D. and Johnson, G.S. (1987) Earthworms cause furrow infiltration increase. pp. 398-406. In: Fok, Yu-Si (ed.) Proc. of the Intl Conf on Infiltration Development and Application. USA-HI-Honolulu, 1987/01/06-09. Water Resources Res. Centr., Univ. of Hawaii, Honolulu.

Westermann, D.T. (1987) Lime effects on P availability. pp. 79-85. In: Proc. 38th Annual Northwest Fertilizer Conference. USA-WA-Pasco, 1987/07/14-15.

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