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Sucrose production as affected by root yield and sucrose concentration of sugarbeets

Carter, J.N. (1987) Sucrose production as affected by root yield and sucrose concentration of sugarbeets. Journal of the American Society of Sugar Beet Technologists. 24(1):14-31.

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Refined sugar production of sugarbeets (Beta vulgaris
L.) is based on the product of root yield and extractable
sucrose concentration. Conditions that affect either of
these components may either increase or decrease refined
sugar yield. Therefore, it is of prime importance to use
practices and conditions that provide adequate top and
root growth while maintaining sufficiently high sucrose
concentration and purity for profitable sucrose extraction
and yield.
An inherent inverse relationship exists between sugarbeet
root yield and wet root sucrose concentration
(9,10,15). Increasing root yields by plant breeding,
genetic selection, nitrogen (N) fertilization, agronomic
practices, and environmental conditions will generally decrease
sucrose concentration (5,14). Milford (13) and
Doney (7,8) have both reported an inverse relationship between
root cell size and sucrose concentration, and have
suggested that the negative correlation results from the
opposite effects of cell size on root yield and sucrose
concentration. Large cells produce large roots with high
root yields and low sucrose concentration; whereas small
cells produce small roots with low root yields and high
sucrose concentration.

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