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People : Rasmussen, W.W.

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Rasmussen, W.W. (1965) Deep Plowing . . . For Improving Slick Spot Soils. Crops and Soils Magazine. 17:10-11.

Rasmussen, W.W. and Moore, D.P. and Alban, L.A. (1972) Improvement of a Solonetzic (Slick Spot) Soil By Deep Plowing, Subsoiling and Amendments. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings. 36(1):137-142.

Miller, D.E. and Rasmussen, W.W. (1978) Measurement of Furrow Infiltration Rates Made Easy. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 42(5):838-839.

Rasmussen, W.W. and Bondurant, J.A. and Berg, R.D. (1973) Multiset Surface Irrigation System. ICID Bulletin. pp. 48-52.

Rasmussen, W.W. and McNeal, B.L. (1973) Predicting Optimum Depth of Profile Modification by Deep Plowing for Improving Saline-Sodic Soils. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings. 37(3):432-437.

Cary, J.W. and Rasmussen, W.W. (1979) Response of Three Irrigated Crops to Deep Tillage of a Semi-Arid Silt Loam. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 43(3):574-577.

Rasmussen, W.W. and Berg, R.D. (1986) Within-Row Irrigation Saves Water on Croplands. Agricultural Water Management. 11:31-37.

Technical Bulletin

Rasmussen, W.W. and Lewis, G.C. and Fosberg, M.A. (1964) Improvement of the Chilcott-Sebree (Solodized-Solonetz) Slick Spot Soils in Southwestern Idaho. USDA-ARS No. 41-91. 39 pp.

Rasmussen, W.W. and Cary, J.W. (1979) White Spot, Deep Tillage and Water Infiltration of the Portneuf and Related Silt Loam Soils. University of Idaho Current Information Series No. 460. University of Idaho College of Agriculture. 4 pp.

Conference or Workshop Item

Rasmussen, W.W. (1967) Agronomic Aspects of Deep Plowing Saline-Sodic Slick Spot Soils in Southwestern Idaho and Southeastern Oregon. pp. 173-184. In: Proc. 18th Ann. Pac. NW Fert. Conf. USA-ID-Twin Falls, 1967/07/11-13.

Rasmussen, W.W. (1974) Deep Tillage for Improving Saline-Sodic Soils in Idaho. pp. 92-104. In: Proc. 28th Ann. Mtg. Soil Cons. Soc. Am. Plants, Animals, and Man. USA-AK-Hot Springs, 1973/09/30-10/03.

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