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Deep Plowing . . . For Improving Slick Spot Soils

Rasmussen, W.W. (1965) Deep Plowing . . . For Improving Slick Spot Soils. Crops and Soils Magazine. 17:10-11.

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FARMERS are rapidly accepting
deep plowing— 30 to 36 inches—
as a management practice for soil improvement
and for reclaiming unproductive
areas of saline-sodic "slick
spot"* soils. Such soils infest large
areas of irrigated land in southwestern
Idaho and southeastern Oregon.

The "slick spots" are small scattered
areas of Solonetz-like soil containing
excessive exchangeable sodium, soluble
salts, and frequently cemented hardpan
silica-lime layers in the lower profile.
The affected soils have extremely
low water-intake rates and are resistant
to normal soil improvement procedures.

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