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Dual-conduit layflat tubing for water conveyance and distribution

Humpherys, A.S. and Oest, E.E. (1992) Dual-conduit layflat tubing for water conveyance and distribution. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 8(1):33-40.

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Layflat tubing, or flexible pipe, is used for both
distribution and conveyance of irrigation water and has
many of the advantages of rigid surface irrigation pipe. The
tubing described in this article is uniquely constructed with
an interior membrane so as to form a dual-conduit tube.
This permits the tube to be used both for water conveyance
and distribution. Manual, semi-automatic, and fully
automatic diverter valves were developed to direct water
flow either to one side of the membrane for distribution
through outlets in the side of the tube, or to the opposite
side of the membrane for water conveyance to the next
irrigation set(s). In the conveyance mode, the membrane
covers the distribution outlets or gates in the side of the
tube. To change irrigation sets manually, the irrigator either
pulls or pushes a handle on a diverter valve to change the
tube's operating mode. This eliminates manually opening
individual gates for the next succeeding set and closing all
of the gates of the previous set. Valve and coupler fittings
were designed to be easily assembled and disassembled.
The tubing system was satisfactorily tested and evaluated
on three farms. The tubing was also tested for surge
irrigation by controlling an automatic diverter valve with a
surge controller.

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