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Center-of-pressure gates for irrigation

Humpherys, A.S. (1991) Center-of-pressure gates for irrigation. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 7(2):185-192.

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Center-of-pressure gates, sometimes referred to as
pressure gates, were developed and field tested to semi-automate
basin and border irrigation systems. The gates
use the principle of hydrostatic pressure distribution for
operation and are constructed with a pivot shaft located at
approximately one-third the water depth above the bottom
of the gate. They automatically open with an increment of
water level rise in the ditch which is created when
companion drop-closed gates close. They can also be
equipped with a latch to be activated by a timer or other
means. A generalized procedure was developed for
designing trapezoidal-shaped pressure gates used in
concrete-lined ditches. Pressure gates are being used and
field tested in two semi-automated irrigation systems.

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