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Soil and plant response to three subsoiling implements

Busscher, W.J. and Karlen, D.L. and Sojka, R.E. and Burnham, K.P. (1988) Soil and plant response to three subsoiling implements. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 52:804-809.

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Many Southeastern Coastal Plain soils require deep (>0.45 m)
inrow tillage or subsoiling to disrupt dense tillage/traffic pans and/
or eluvial (E) horizons. Three subsoiling implements [Super Seeder
(SS), ParaTill (PT), and Kelly (KE)] were compared on Norfolk
(Typic Paleudult) loamy sand to assess their effectiveness in developing
and maintaining a proper rooting environment for corn (Zen
mays L.). Soil strength (cone index) for the implements was evaluated
with and without conventional surface tillage (disking). All three
subsoiling implements effectively disrupted the E horizon regardless
of surface tillage, but the 67% stand establishment in nondisked
treatments was significantly lower than for disked treatments (92%).
However, yields were not significantly different. Significant differences
in soil strength were measured among subsoiling implements
at the beginning of each growing season. In 1985 mean profile soil
strength was lower (P 0.10) for SS and PT than for KE. In 1986,
soil strength was lower (P 0.10) for SS than either PT or KE.
The consistent difference between SS and KE occurred because SS
disrupted a larger area than the thinner-shanked KE. Nondisked
treatments had mean soil strength that was 0.32 MPa lower within
the row than disked treatments, but disked treatments had mean
soil strength that was 0.37 MPa lower between the rows. Soil strength
results suggest that Coastal Plain soils, which have been subsoiled,
are less likely to restrict root development regardless of implement
with, or without, prior surface tillage.

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