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Discussion: Irrigation Requirements of Lawns

Jensen, M.E. (1966) Discussion: Irrigation Requirements of Lawns. Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Journal of the Irrigation and Drainage Division. 92(IRI):95-100.

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Engineers must estimate consumptive
use although, in many cases, only limited supporting data are available. T.
Quackenbush and J. T. Phelan have presented a method for estimating water
requirements of lawns based on a modified Blaney-Criddle formula. They have
stated that the irrigation water requirements can be computed using the modified
formula and that they believe that reasonable estimates can be made for
lawn grasses. However, no tangible evidence was presented that confirms or
supports these statements. The modern practicing engineer is aware that
estimating procedures do not yield precise answers. The engineer must know
the confidence limits to be expected of an estimating procedure, i.e., will the
calculated monthly consumptive use values be within ± 10% or ± 15% of the actual
consumptive use most of the time? A comparison between calculated consumptive
use using the proposed procedure and accurate lysimeter data not
used in the original development of the empirical procedure would provide this
information. At the least, a comparison between calculated values using the
proposed procedure and the original data from which the procedure was derived
would indicate its reliability.

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