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Discussion: Analysis of Submergence in Flow Measuring Flumes

Robinson, A.R. (1968) Discussion: Analysis of Submergence in Flow Measuring Flumes. Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Journal of the Hydraulics Division. 94(HY3):791-794.

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This paper presents another contribution
to the understanding of flow phenomena for measuring flumes. The
particular regime of submerged flow has been largely neglected, although
there have been a number of attempts to establish criteria and methods for
analyzing submerged flow as referenced by the authors. The common
approach has been to develop the theory to a point and then proceed with an
empirical and experimental approach. In this manner it has been possible to
develop relationships which are usable for particular flumes of given geometry.
However, because of the empirical approach, it is not possible to use the relationships
for designs other than those for which they were developed. This
paper also summarizes a study for particular design geometries and has
contributed to the knowledge of submerged flow. There still exists the need
for good, sound theoretical developments so that the relationships include the
geometry of the measuring flume, as well as those items usually assumed to
be of negligible effect, such as frictional losses and nonuniform velocity distribution.
The geometry variables have been included for the free flow case
by Ackers and Harrison with apparent success. Flume geometry is important
since such things as length of throat, contraction ratio (B), shape of section
(rectangular or trapezoidal), and geometry of the downstream diverging
section all contribute to submergence effects.

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