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Optimal performance from center pivot sprinkler systems

King, Bradley A. and Kincaid, Dennis C. (1997) Optimal performance from center pivot sprinkler systems. University of Idaho College of Agriculture Bulletin No. 797. University of Idaho College of Agriculture. 20 pp.

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A good supply of groundwater and the commercial development
of center pivot irrigation systems significantly increased
sprinkler-irrigated acreage in southern Idaho during the late 1960s
and early 1970s. Today, center pivot systems, with their automation,
large areal coverage, reliability, high application uniformity, and ability
to operate on relatively rough topography, are replacing
surface; handline, and wheelline systems.
The irrigated area under a center pivot system expands
substantially with increasing system length. To accommodate the
increased area, the application rate increases linearly along the
center pivot lateral through one of two methods: increased flow
rates through equally spaced Sprinklers or gradually decreased
spacing of equal-flow sprinklers along the center pivot lateral. The
most common approach is to have equally spaced sprinklers with
increasing flow rates (nozzle sizes) along the center pivot lateral.

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