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Salt- and sodium-affected soils

Robbins, Charles W. and Gavlak, R.G. (1989) Salt- and sodium-affected soils. University of Idaho Cooperative Extension Service Bulletin No. 703. 12 pp.

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This publication is designed to help identify salt- and
sodium-affected soils, the salt or sodium sources, how
to take soil and water samples, how to reduce the harmful
effects of salts and sodium and where to get advice
in making reclamation and management decisions for
each situation.
Salt- and sodium-affected soils, and waters used for
irrigation, present a complex combination of problems
and possible solutions. It is not the intent here to cover
all technical aspects or possible treatment approaches
available, but rather to give a simplified overview of
what should be considered in diagnosing and managing
salt- and sodium-affected soils and irrigation waters.
Since summarizing the effects of salt and sodium on
soils and plants is difficult without using the appropriate
terminology, a glossary is included.

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