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The Effect of Aldicarb on Sugarbeet Insects and Yield

Blickenstaff, C.C. (1982) The Effect of Aldicarb on Sugarbeet Insects and Yield. USDA-ARS Agricultural Research Results No. ARR-W-23. 25 pp.

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Approximately 450 species of insects were collected in sugarbeet
fields in south-central Idaho over the 4-year period 1974 to 1977.
Fifty-four species or species groups were taken from 50 percent or
more of the fields sampled; 18 were classed as destructive or potentially
destructive, 14 as beneficial, and 22 of unknown function. Of
the 54, 18 were collected more commonly by sweep net, 34 were collected
more commonly by pitfall traps, and 2 were collected equally by the
two methods. Fourteen of the 54 were taken exclusively by pitfall
traps. The apparent effect of aldicarb on insect populations varied
widely with an overall reduction of about 20 percent. The effect of
aldicarb treatment an the sugarbeet root maggot, curly top disease,
lygus, and leaf miners in relation to plant stand and yield is presented.

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