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Downy Brome (Cheatgrass) Control in a Dryland Winter Wheat-Fallow Rotation

Massee, T.W. and Higgins, R.E. (1977) Downy Brome (Cheatgrass) Control in a Dryland Winter Wheat-Fallow Rotation. University of Idaho Current Information Series No. 371. University of Idaho College of Agriculture. 2 pp.

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The similar growth cycles of
downy brome and winter wheat
make weed control difficult. Each
downy brome plant growing in a
square foot area decreases wheat
yield about 4 percent. Downy
brome may be effectively controlled
by combining three practices:

(1) Tilling fallow early enough in
the spring to retain good seedbed
moisture and thereby increase
early fall downy brome

(2) Rodweed just before planting
winter wheat;

(3) Plant wheat after mid-September.

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