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Feedback control of surge irrigation systems

Humpherys, Allan S. and Lou, Zengjun and Humphries, Michael D. (1992) Feedback control of surge irrigation systems. pp. 59-66. In: 16th European Regional Conference. Proc. Workshop on Real Time Sensing and Control of Automated Irrigation Systems (ICID). Hungary-Budapest, 1992/06/26.

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An automated irrigation control system is described which uses real-time feedback information
transmitted by infrared telemetry from runoff sensors to control intermittent or surge irrigation.
Flow runoff sensors monitor water depth in a measuring flume at the end of a field. Runoff
data are transmitted via an infrared transmitter and receiver to a portable microcomputer located
at the upper end of the field. Inflow data from a flow meter in the supply line are also fed to
the computer. Using the feedback data and field parameters provided by the operator, the
computer controls a surge valve for the advance phase of irrigation and determines cycle times
during the cutback or post-advance phase to limit runoff and total application depths to target
values set by the operator. All system components are battery-powered. Results from
preliminary field tests confirmed the ability of the system to control irrigation by real-time

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