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Automatic Equipment for Surface Irrigation

Humpherys, A.S. (1969) Automatic Equipment for Surface Irrigation. pp. 27-36. In: Proc. 57th Ann. Ore. Reclam. Assn. Conf. USA-OR-Ontario, 1968/10/28-29.

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Automatic and semi-automatic surface irrigation structures and
systems are being developed to improve irrigation water management
and conservation on the farm. Most mechanized structures may be
classified as fully automatic or semiautomatic depending upon their
method of operation. A fully automatic system operates without attention
from the operator other than periodic inspections from one irrigation to
the next. The need for irrigation and often the irrigation time periods,
however, are still largely determined by the irrigator who usually has
to turn water into the system. The semi-automatic system uses gates
and checks which are normally tripped at a preset time by a mechanical
timer or electrically. In addition to determining the need for irrigation,
the irrigator also manually resets the structures or moves them from
one location to another, or both, prior to each irrigation. With competition
for available national water supplies increasing, some irrigation
water users may be forced to use their water more efficiently. Automatic
equipment provides a means of accomplishing this while at the
same time saving labor. At a time when reliable farm help is difficult
to obtain, and wage rates are increasing, an investment in automatic
structures could be an economical alternative and may be more easily
justified than in the past.

Surface flooding systems using basins, borders or contour ditches
are easiest to automate since the field topography allows the entire
stream of water to be distributed over the soil surface. When furrows
are used, however, the irrigation stream must be uniformly divided into
many small streams directed into individual furrows. This requires
furrow flow regulating devices or controls in addition to check and turnout

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