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Dairy manure/compost N release for sugarbeets and subsequent wheat

Brown, B. and Johnson-Maynard, J. and Leytem, A. and Lentz, R. and Lehrsch, G. (2006) Dairy manure/compost N release for sugarbeets and subsequent wheat. pp. 13-18. In: Proceedings of the Idaho Nutrient Management Conference. Vol. 3. USA-ID-Twin Falls, 2006/03/07.

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There is frequently more manure generated than can be environmentally applied in a sound
manner within the limited land resources of the growing number of Idaho dairies and feedlot
operations. There is considerable incentive to export manure or compost from these operations
to nearby farmer fields. Manure composting is currently used to reduce the volume of material
hauled. But the slower release nature of organic N sources could be problematic for sugarbeets
if the timing of N release interferes with late season sugarbeet growth and sugar content. A
better understanding of the N release dynamics from manures and composts is needed to know
how best to use these resources without causing excessive available N at the end of the season,
the associated higher brei nitrate and conductivity, reduced sugar content and recoverability.
Marketing of manures and composts to sugarbeet producers is limited by a lack of information
regarding sugarbeet response to the applications.
Sugarbeet production in southwest Idaho involves fall application and shallow incorporation
of broadcasted fertilizers prior to fall bedding. The bedding process essentially concentrates
broadcasted fertilizers, composts or manures over the row to be planted the following spring.
Precipitation can move soluble and mobile salts to the soil depth at which sugarbeet seed must
The objective of this study was to compare fall applied manure and compost N sources with
conventional fertilization. Depth of organic N incorporation was also of interest.

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