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Research for Irrigated Agriculture

Jensen, Marvin E. (1974) Research for Irrigated Agriculture. pp. 88-95. In: Proc. Int. Symp. on USAID's Research Needs for On-Farm Management. USA-UT-Park City, 1973/10/01-08.

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On-farm water management problems often are not
recognized, but are very common on most irrigated
projects. Crop prodution reduced by disease or insect
damage is recognized and describable. Consequently, and
understandably, research on disease or pest control is
often given a higher priority than research on water
management problems. Similarly, research results that
produce distinct and obvious benefits under existing
farming practices, such as new crop varieties, are easy to
transfer as are research techniques necessary to adapt a
new variety to a new environment or to change its
resistance to local diseases or pests over a few years.
Production limited by water management problems is
often more difficult to comprehend and describe. Water
affects the entire crop-soil-climate system, and water-related
problems are not always readily discernable.
Problems that seem too complex, or cannot be visualized,
generally are not given a high priority by policy makers
and funding organizations. A large amount of water
management research exists, which, if applied, could
increase food production substantially. These research
results seem to go unused because we apparently have not
developed adequate adaptive research techniques necessary
to produce site-specific information, and we have not
developed acceptable techniques to apply new technology.
This situation is not unique to developing
countries but is commonplace even in highly developed
countries. Why? There are several key reasons. General
solutions to problems will not be applied if the problems
are not apparent, and site-specific solutions will not be
applied if they are not economical and practical. There
must be an incentive to apply a new practice. These are
some of the specific major issues addressed in this paper as
part of the assignment related to the overall goal, purpose.
and objectives of this Symposium.

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