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Sediment-Phosphorus Relations in Surface Runoff from Irrigated Lands

Carter, D.L. and Brown, M.J. and Bondurant, J.A. (1976) Sediment-Phosphorus Relations in Surface Runoff from Irrigated Lands. pp. 3/41-3/52. In: Proc. 3rd Fed. Inter-Agency Sedimentation Conf. USA-CO-Denver, 1976.

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Phosphorus and sediment concentrations were measured in irrigation and
drainage waters, and phosphorus and sediment inflows and outflows computed.
Relationships between phosphorus and sediment were developed. Total
phosphorus and orthophosphate concentrations measured in nonfiltered
samples are closely related to the sediment concentration, but dissolved
orthophosphate measured in samples filtered through 0.45 µm membrane
filters is independent of the sediment concentration. A net sediment inflow
was found on one large tract where sediment settles in drains and the
amount of surface runoff is low, but a net sediment outflow was found for
another tract with steeper drains and from which more surface runoff returned
to the river. Net phosphorus inflows were measured on both tracts.
Particle size segregation takes place in irrigation and drainage waters
whenever the flow velocity is slow enough to allow suspended sediment to
settle, and the quantity of phosphorus per unit of sediment remaining
suspended increases. Actually, much more phosphorus settles with that
portion of the sediment that settles than remains in suspension where sediments
are eroded from silt loam or loam soils. Thus, conditions favoring
settling are phosphorus conserving conditions.

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