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Water Requirements of Crops

Jensen, Marvin E. (1969) Water Requirements of Crops. pp. G23.1-G23.44. In: Int. Comm. Irrig. Drain., 7th Congr. Mexico-Mexico City, 1969.

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This subject is basic to the planning and designing of irrigation
projects and it is also basic to the management of individual farms or fields,
although the latter has received less attention. Researchers have
studied water requirements of plants intensively since about 1890, and
voluminous data are available. The ICID reports presented on this
question represent some, but not all of the research that has been conducted
or is underway in many countries. The response to this question, 43 reports
from 19 countries, is an indication of the tremendous effort that is underway
to determine and refine the water requirements of crops. A comprehensive
search and review of all water-requirement data by individual crops would
probably reveal sufficient detail to enable optimum management of irrigation
water for each crop under any climatic and soil regime provided
supporting data are available to enable interpretation and adaption to
specific regimes.

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