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Border effects on cattle grazing preference (Session 5:13-14)


Shewmaker, G.E. and Mayland, H.F. and Hansen, S.B. (2000) Border effects on cattle grazing preference (Session 5:13-14). In: Christie, B.R. (ed.) XVIII Int'l Grassld. Cong. Canada-SK-Winnepeg, Manatoba, and Saskatoon, 1997/06/08-19.

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The objective was to examine the effect of row position on cattle
grazing preference. Grazing preference of eight tall fescues [Festuca
arundinacea (Schreb.)] was evaluated by ocular preference scores
at 30 hr (PS30) and 48 hr (PS48). Six rows of a cultivar—numbered
consecutively within each plot from left to right—formed one plot.
Rows 1&6 were on the outside edges of the plot and rows 3&4 were
in the middle. Within a replication, rows 1 and 6 were adjacent to
rows 6 and I of adjacent plots, respectively. During the first year,
row position was not a significant effect. However, in the second
year, preference for middle rows was significantly higher than the
outer pairs of rows—rows 2&5 and 1&6. This could have been a
result of the animals' ability to distinguish preferred cultivars in the
middle of the plot because of more distinct olfactory and visual cues.
Row position was important in experimental design because of an
interaction with animal behaviour.

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