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Factors Affecting Furrow Erosion

Kemper, W.D. and Trout, T.J. and Brown, M.J. and Carter, D.L. and Rosenau, R.C. (1985) Factors Affecting Furrow Erosion. In: Proc. of the Natural Resources Modeling Symposium. USA-CO-Pingree Park, 1983/10/16-21.

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Erosion occurs when the shear force exerted by
water on a soil unit exceeds the forces binding
that unit to underlying soil. The primary factor
affecting shear force exerted by water on the soil
is velocity of the water. Velocity is determined
by amount of water flowing per unit time and by
slope of the furrow. Relative effects of slope
and furrow flow rate on average water velocity can
be deduced from equation 1, which is Manning's
equation for flow in open channels, where Q is
flow rate (M³/s), A is cross sectional area of
flow (M²), S is slope (M/M), P is wetted perimeter
(M), and n is the coefficient of roughness.

Q = A⁵/³ S¹/² / (n P²/³)

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