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Description of Equilibrium Chemistry During Soil-Water Transport

Robbins, C.W. and Wagenet, R.J. and Jurinak, J.J. (1980) Description of Equilibrium Chemistry During Soil-Water Transport. In: Proc. Hydrologic Transport Modeling Symp. USA-LA-New Orleans, 1979/12/10-11.

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Description of soluble salt leaching through soils and into groundwaters has
been the focus of several research studies in recent years (Tanji et al.
1972; Dutt at al. 1972; Oster and Rhoades 1975: Melamed et al. 1977; Jury
at al. 1978). The simulation models produced by these investigators have
involved various levels of sophistication in the description of the con-comitant processes of soil water transport and chemical reaction of solutes.
Mechanistic water flow models (Melamed et al. 1977) often include empirical
description of chemistry, while more complete soil chemistry description
(Tanji et al. 1972; Dutt et al. 1972) has often been accompanied by a simple
water flow model. The result of these facts has been the development of
models limited in their transferability to other experimental cases, or
models that sometimes produce questionable results when applied to situations
for which they were not developed. With these considerations in mind, a
detailed simulation model has been developed describing the one—dimensional
soil water transport of several ionic species in the presence of chemical
precipitation and dissolution and cation exchange. This paper describes the
theoretical approaches taken, gives several examples of model validation,
and then presents two hypothetical simulation cases that demonstrate model
application. The specifics of structure, operation, and validation of this
model with experimental data are explained elsewhere (Robbins 1979; Robbins
et al. 1980a, b).

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