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Soil Water

Neilsen, D.R. and Jackson, R.D. and Cary, J.W. and Evans, D.D., eds. (1972) Soil Water. 175 pp. Am. Soc. Agron., Madison, Wisconsin.

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This book represents a culmination of efforts begun in a small way more
than two decades ago at the start of the federal-state program in agricultural research
(under the Research and Marketing Act of 1946) known popularly
among agriculturists as "regional research". The W-9 technical committee
formed under this program and activated in 1949 (Irrigation and Soil Management
Studies including Drainage, Salinity and Fertilization) included a few soil
physicists who were interested in water flow in relation to irrigation and drainage.
These interests in water flow were continued and expanded in 1954 with
organization of a new project, W-29 (Soil-Water-Plant Relationships under irrigation),
and the addition of a few more soil physicists.

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