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Leinweber, Peter and Turner, Benjamin L. and Meissner, Ralph (2002) Phosphorus. In: Haygarth, P.M. and Jarvis, S.C., (eds.) Agriculture, Hydrology and Water Quality (1st Edition). pp. 29-54. CABI Publishing, New York.

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Phosphorus (P) is one of the most important
mineral nutrients for biological systems, yet
it is also one of the most scarce nutrients in
terms of its demand in both terrestrial and
aquatic environments (Moss, 1988). In natural systems, P is tightly cycled through the
plant-soil continuum, but in agricultural
systems soil P is removed in the crop or
animal products and must be replaced if P
deficiency is to be avoided. Therefore, mineral
PO fertilizers and animal manures
are applied to agricultural land to raise soil
P levels and maintain crop yields (Sibbesen
and Sharpley, 1997).

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