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Fertility Management (Chapter 9)

Westermann, D.T. (1993) Fertility Management (Chapter 9). In: Rowe, R.C., (ed.) Potato Health Management. pp. 77-86. APS Press. ISBN 0-89054-144-2

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A comprehensive strategy for potato health management
requires that all essential plant nutrients be available in
amounts needed for optimal potato growth and development.
Essential nutrients are those required for a normal life cycle
and for which no other nutrient can be substituted. Sixteen
nutrients are known to be essential for higher plants. These
function as major constituents of plant cells or are used in
metabolic processes within the plant. Carbon, hydrogen, and
oxygen are supplied in water and in the atmosphere. The
remaining essential nutrients must be taken up by the roots
of the plant from the soil solution or absorbed by the leaves
from foliar sprays.

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