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Sprinkler Irrigation Spray Temperatures

Pair, Claude H. and Wright, James L. and Jensen, Marvin E. (1969) Sprinkler Irrigation Spray Temperatures. Transaction of the ASAE. 12(3):314-315.

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THE temperature of irrigation water
may vary from zero, where the
source is a melting snowbank, to near
90 C where the source is a hot spring
or well such as those along the Snake
River. Water heated by nuclear reactors
may provide hot water for irrigation
in the future. Water of these extreme
temperatures is frequently used
in sprinkler irrigation. It is important
to crop production and management to
know the temperature of the water as
it comes in contact with the crop or
soil because of the effect of temperature
on germination of seed; development
of fruit, vegetables, and other
crops; frost protection, and crop-cooling

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