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Role of magnesium in plants

Mayland, H.F. (1983) Role of magnesium in plants. In: Fontenot, J.P. and al, et, (eds.) Role of Magnesium in Animal Nutrition. pp. 17-21, 248 pp. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia,.

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Magnesium is one of 13 mineral elements required by plants and one of at
least 17 required by animals. The element was first isolated in chemically
pure state by Sir Humphry Davy during the years 1807 to 1812 and its
necessity for plant growth was shown by J. von Sachs and W. Knop in the
1860's. Its presence in the chlorophyll molecule was detected by R.
Willstitter in 1913. More details on the history of Mg research appear in
earlier reviews (1, 8, 11 and 20).

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