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Selenium in Soils and Plants

Mayland, H.F. (1985) Selenium in Soils and Plants. In: Selenium Responsive Diseases in Food Animals. pp. 5-10, 32 pp. Veterinary Learning Systems Co., Inc., Princeton Junction, NJ.

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Prior to 1960, selenium was important because
of its uptake by selenium-accumulator
plants and its subsequent toxicity to animals
eating these plants. The first reports on the
nutritional importance of selenium were published
in 1958, and attention was then drawn
to another aspect of selenium.¹ The growing
incidence of nutritional muscular dystrophy
in animals on improved postures was soon
identified as a selenium-responsive disorder
(Figure 1). Since then, a large amount of literature
has accumulated on various aspects of
selenium in the soil-plant animal system. Reviews
include those by Allaway et al.,² Klayman
and Gunther,³ the NRC,¹,⁴ and Oldfield.⁵
This article reviews the role of soil and
plants in selenium cycling to the animal and
the return of selenium to the soil.

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