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Continuously Moving Mechanical Sprinkler Systems

Pair, Claude H. and Hinz, Walter W. and Frost, Kenneth R. and Reid, Crawford (1973) Continuously Moving Mechanical Sprinkler Systems. In: Irrigation (3rd Edition). pp. 26-50. Sprinkler Irrigation Assn., Washington, D. C.

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Most sprinkler systems apply water while the lateral and sprinkler
are stationary. Mechanisation of farm operations as labor costs in-
crease, together with the shortage of labor for moving portable
laterals and sprinklers, has resulted in improved and increased use of
continuously moving mechanical sprinkler systems. These systems
are characterised by laterals and sprinklers that remain connected to
the main pipeline, but continuously move while applying water.

The three major types of continuously moving sprinkler systems
are: 1. Circular center-pivot. 2. Straight moving lateral. and 3. Travelers.
Chapter II, pages 20-23, gives additional information on these

The stationary sprinkler systems apply water at a relatively constant
hourly rate, while the moving system's application rates begin
at zero, increase to a maximum, and then decrease to zero again as
the moving system passes over a location. Figure II-1 shows a possible
application rate curve for a continuously moving system.

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