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Mineral Nutrition

Mayland, H.F. and Wilkinson, S.R. (1996) Mineral Nutrition. In: Bartels, J.M. and Peterson, G.A. and Baenziger, P.S. and Bingham, J.M. and Moser, L.E. and Buxton, D.R. and Caster, M.D., (eds.) Cool-Season Forage Grasses. Agronomy Monograph, No. 34. pp. 165-191. American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, Soil Science Society of America, Madison, WI.

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Many reviews have been published on plant mineral nutrition. Some of these are
specific for forages. Fertilization of forages, including cool-season grasses was
reviewed in a book edited by Mays (1974). Wilkinson and Mays (1979) reviewed
the mineral nutrition of tall fescue, and Turner (1993) discussed nutrient deficiencies
and toxicities of turfgrass. The most thorough treatment of mineral nutrition
of higher plants was provided by Marschner (1986). The chemical composition
of cool-season grasses was presented in Spedding and Diekmahns (1972).
Shuman (1994) provides information on uptake, translocation, and enzyme activity
of mineral elements. Trace elements in soils and plants were thoroughly
discussed by Kabata-Pendias and Pendias (1992). Barber (1995) has published a
mechanistic approach to soil nutrient bioavailability. Graham and Webb (1991)
reviewed the role of micronutrients and disease resistance and tolerance in plants.
Nicholas and Egan (1975), Reid and Horvath (1980), and Spears (1994) provided
excellent reviews of minerals in the soil–forage plant–animal system. This
chapter presents details about minerals in the soil/cool-season grass/animal system
compiled for those interested in production and herbage utilization of cool-season

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