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Soil Structure Evaluation with Audio- frequency Vibrations

Rickman, R.W. (1970) Soil Structure Evaluation with Audio- frequency Vibrations. Soil Science Society of America Proceedings. 34(1):19-24.

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Young's moduli for soils measured with a vibrational technique
varied with soil aggregate size, water content, texture,
sensor-to-sample contact, and column handling. The magnitude
of a Young's modulus varied from 10⁷ dynes/cm² (147 psi)
for nearly saturated columns to over 10⁹ dynes/cm² for an air-dried,
Na-saturated silt. The accuracy of the moduli measurements
is in the order of 15% to 20%. The measured values
compare favorably with others previously reported in the literature
for undisturbed and reworked soil samples. The range of
measured soil moduli, the repeatability of the measurements,
the lack of restriction on sample size and the nondestructive
nature of the technique indicate that this procedure may provide
a useful measure for soil structure evaluation

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