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Irrigation water quality alters furrow erosion and infiltration

Lentz, Rick and Sojka, Bob (1996) Irrigation water quality alters furrow erosion and infiltration. Irrigation Journal. 46(6):12-14.

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Furrow-irrigated crops can
be damaged it the irrigation
water contains large amounts
of dissolved salts and/or
sodium. But do the same
water quality characteristics
influence water infiltration.
runoff and erosion? Studies
conducted by the USDA
Agricultural Research Service
in Kimberly. ID. shine new
light on exactly this question.
Water quality is often
described in terms of the
water's dissolved salt concentration
and the proportion of sodium
salts present in comparison to calcium and
magnesium salts. Salt concentration is
expressed in units of electrical conductivity
(EC) or total dissolved solids (TDS). The
dissolved sodium content is described in
terms of its sodium adsorption ratio
(SAR). The EC or TDS of a water sample
increases with salt concentration. and
its SAR increases as the proportion of
sodium in those salts increases. Note in this
article that references to high/low EC or
SAR are relative terms and do not denote
water classifications

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