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Polyacrylamide for furrow-irrigation erosion control

Sojka, Bob and Lentz, Rick (1996) Polyacrylamide for furrow-irrigation erosion control. Irrigation Journal. 46(1):8-11.

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What if flowing water simply
didn't erode precious
topsoil? That's a pretty
big "what if?" — not the
kind we usually deal with
as agricultural scientists.
We are more used to
modest incremental
improvements in management
or understanding
of natural processes.
though, an innovation
occurs that changes
everything related to a
core idea. Such innovations go beyond
breakthroughs, because they do more
than just solve one problem. In today's
jargon, they are paradigm shifts — changes
so radical that they force a complete
rethinking of everything they rub against.
The sweep cultivator was a breakthrough;
2,4-D was a paradigm shift ... airmail vs.

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Subjects: Irrigation > Furrow irrigation > Erosion > Polyacrylamide
Polyacrylamide (PAM) > Water-soluble PAM (WSPAM) > Erosion control
Soil > Erosion
Practical farm efficiency
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