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Spraydrop kinetic energy from irrigation sprinklers

Kincaid, D.C. (1996) Spraydrop kinetic energy from irrigation sprinklers. Transactions of the ASAE. 39(3):847-853.

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Information on the drop energy from sprinklers is important for choosing the optimum sprinkler type for a
particular soil. Drop size distribution data were collected for different types of sprinklers with various nozzle size-pressure
combinations using a laser-optical method. Drop velocities were calculated using a trajectory model. The
overall drop energy per unit of applied water was calculated. A method was developed to estimate the kinetic energy for a
particular type of sprinkler with a given nozzle size and operating pressure using nozzle size and pressure head as
independent variables. The volume mean drop size was found to be a good predictor of overall kinetic energy. With no
wind, the overall drop energy varied from about 5 to 25 J/kg. The smooth plate spray head gave the least drop energy,
while the single nozzle, impact-type sprinklers gave the greatest. Wind was found to increase drop energy by as much as a
factor of three, but nozzle elevation had a small effect on drop energy

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