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Modeling transport of bromide in furrow-irrigated field

Izadi, Behzad and King, Bradley and Westermann, Dale T. and McCann, Ian (1996) Modeling transport of bromide in furrow-irrigated field. Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. 122(2):90-96.

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the reliability of combining a surface irrigation model
(SRFR) and two functional solute transport models (RAO and TETrans) in predicting the position of bromide
(BC) measured in a 0.81-ha field under furrow irrigation. The SRFR model was used to first predict the infiltrated
depths and then RAO and TETrans models were used to predict the position of the solute. Solute was transported
according to piston flow theory for the first irrigation and both models predicted the position of the solute with
good accuracy. The solute was transported slightly faster than estimated by piston flow for the second irrigation,
resulting in a reduction of correct predictions by both models. Both models predicted poorly for the third
irrigation because deviations from piston flow were large. RAO model was more successful in predicting the
peak solute position, while TETrans was more accurate in predicting mean solute depths. The latter was attributed
to the differences between the two models and the sensitivity of TETrans to nodal spacing when predicting peak
solute position.

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