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Inexpensive pressure regulation for irrigation pipelines

Kincaid, D.C. and Romspert, D.G. (1996) Inexpensive pressure regulation for irrigation pipelines. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 12(2):203-207.

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Pressurized pipelines are used on the majority of U.S. irrigated lands. Pressure regulation is needed in many
systems with variable topography, and available pressure regulating valves for larger flows are heavy and expensive. An
alternative inexpensive, lightweight regulating device is needed. A system to automatically control downstream pressure
or flow rate in an irrigation pipeline using a butterfly disk was developed. A spring-loaded cylinder actuator is used to
control the butterfly disk angle to maintain a constant pre-set downstream pressure. The unit can be built inexpensively
for different pipe sizes. Valve control design equations were developed for predicting the control parameters for different
sized pipelines and pressure ranges.

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